Søre Traaen ligger midt i Numedal, og er som navnet sier, den sørligste av i alt fire Traaen-gårder. Gårdstunet ble bygd opp på dette stedet etter at den gamle gården Søre Traaen ble delt til Me-Traaen og Søre Traaen i 1693

You can find full equipment for self catering and has a total of 12 beds available. The hosts tell about the farm and the area's history, and Rollag Stave Church and village museum is only 2 km away for Those Who want even more insight into the life and work in the old Numedal. You have great hiking in the surrounding area. Numedalslågen, with good fishing, ice only 400 meters from the farm, and boat are at guests' disposal. You can Also fish in a number of forest and mountain lakes surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you're looking interested there is the Possibility for hunting small game, beaver and deer. Sete house Belonging Søre Traaen, can be rented in Conjunction with hunting and fishing.

The courtyard has old Grade II listed house from the 1700s and 1800s, and the buildings havebeen attended two and protected through generations. It has now BEEN restored withrespect to the old, while being Adapted two modernize Requirements. Two houses are rented two overnight, and you can stay in " Gamlestugu ", wooden protected and built in 1693, or " Eldhuset " from the mid-1800s.

full contact

Knut Halvor Traaen
Adr: Fyrisetvegen 4, N-3626 Rollag

Mobile Knut Halvor: +47 452 65 008
Mobil Jorun: +47 986 16 608
Mobil Olav: +47 926 48 641

Email: knuttraaen@gmail.com


Søre Traaen på kart


Søre Traaen find you in the middle of Numedal, in Rollag municipality. About. 2-hour drive away, Larvik Hardangervidda.

From Oslo
Follow signs for Drammen. From Drammen you continue two Kongsberg (E134). Drive as upward Numedalslågen towards Geilo (State Road 40). About. 50 km from Kongsberg, at the entrance to, inter alia, Rollag center and Rollag Stave Church, the sign for "Søre Traaen" from fv. 40. Signs are Also- market with a hane- and a cabin symbol. 

from Larvik

Follow the signs two Kongsberg, and further up Numedal as described under "From Oslo". 

From Geilo
Follow the signs in the direction Kongsberg. About. 30 km below Rødberg states sign for Rollag stave church. The farm is about 2km past the stave church, on the left side of the road.